Are you tired of how your floor looks? Do you want other alternatives aside from the usual carpet, hardwood floors, or tiles look? You’re in luck! As covered by a local hardwood floor company in the state of NJ, there are a number of alternatives available in the market right now that you can consider without breaking the bank.

Laminated Floors

Laminated floors are an inexpensive alternative if you plan to change your flooring. Laminates are known for their durability and can be easily cleaned.

Price-wise, the price is generally indicative of the product quality. One downside for laminated flooring is that you have to replace any ruined areas. There is no way to fix a laminated floor.

Cork Floors

Yes, they do exist! Cork floors are great insulators, so you can walk barefooted without worrying that you’ll get cold feet. They are also terrific at absorbing sounds and are resistant to molds and bacteria.

The cons to cork flooring is that they can be ruined by spills if not immediately wiped clean. Cork flooring is not advisable in areas constantly exposed to sunlight since sunlight can cause discoloration. Furniture indentations can occur and is not fixable, unless you place another furniture to cover the indentation as a very inexpensive alternative.

Foam Floors

If you ever had kids growing up at home, then you know what we’re talking about. This product is now available in designs that look like wood, which makes it a great flooring alternative.

It is very easy to clean and replace. It’s jigsaw puzzle-like edges allows you to easily install it on your own in just under an hour or two. If you still have kids at home, you can also liven up the flooring in their rooms using the different colored foam tiles.

Peel and Stick Floors

Vinyl stickers that come in 1-square feet sizes. These are quite inexpensive and available in different designs. Installation is very easy and can be done as a weekend project.

4 Inexpensive Flooring Alternatives

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