Green roofs are also known as living roofs or eco-friendly roofs. They involve growing plants on rooftops that replaces the destroyed vegetative footprint during building construction.

More and more building owners have begun to replace their roofing with green roofs in an attempt to contribute to the call to “Go Green”.

This now begs to differ just how beneficial is green roofing and is it a good choice for you as well? Let’s see the benefits that green roof has to offer.

Management of Storm water

Experts agree that management of storm water is the primary beneficial result of green roofing. During storms, the rapid water runoff from the traditional roofs can worsen flooding and a negative impact on erosion. The runoff can also increase the possibility of sewage water to be discharged into rivers.

A high amount of water runoff equates to a higher amount of water that requires treatment before it is deemed potable and safe for human consumption.

Green roofs have the ability to absorb and retain about 50-100% of the storm water and slowly release it several hours later.

Long Roof Lifespan

Green roofs have been shown to have a longer lifespan compared to traditional roofs. Both ultraviolet radiation and temperature are the main contributing factors for deterioration of traditional roofing materials.

The plant material absorbs ultraviolet radiation and helps alleviate extreme temperature fluctuations. The growth substrate and the plants help insulate the building thus allowing for cooler inside temperatures during the summer season.

More Business and Job Opportunities

Green roofing does not end with the construction. It also requires proper care and maintenance.

This is why one of the benefits of green roofing more business and job opportunities for roofing and landscape contractors, and plant producers.

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Green Roof – The 3 Benefits

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